Jesup, Hemlock, Dorr Mountain North Ridge, Schiff Path, & Ladder Trail

Originally we were going to try Jordan Pond and at least one of “The Bubbles” but the parking lots were packed so we took the kids over to the trail Julia and I hiked last night. It was nice seeing it in now daylight, and we took a slightly different route.

On the way back Ian and I decided to take a fork in the trail to visit another summit: Dorr Mountain. With the 95 degree heat and high humidity it took longer than we anticipated but was well worth it. The route we took meant that our ascent was a bit more gradual (1200ft in just under a mile) and our decent down “The Ladder” trail wasn’t quite as rough as if we had to climb up it. Ian also got to experience some rock scrambling and iron ladders on the way down.

The pressure was on due to numerous severe thunderstorm warnings scheduled in the area – I wanted to make sure we made it off the summit before the weather turned bad.

Total distance: 4.73 mi
Max elevation: 1202 ft
Min elevation: 73 ft
Total climbing: 1795 ft
Total descent: -1758 ft
Total time: 02:41:26