Beehive, The Bowl, Gorham Mountain, Otter Cove & Ocean Drive Loop

This morning I woke up early to do a solo loop in the park before the crowds and heat hit in full force (and while the family was still sleeping).


This was a pretty intense start to the loop. The first 0.6 miles took me an hour. It was absolutely beautiful and terrifying – 500 feet almost straight up, with sheer drop-offs and iron ladders in the rock cliffs to climb and scramble up. No fences here!

The Bowl

The Bowl was much more chill as compared to Beehive. Incredible views at all times, descending to a lake (The Bowl).

Gorham Mountain

From the summit at Gorham Mountain I was treated to more great views, including the crazy climb I had finished over at Beehive.

Otter Cove

Ocean Drive Loop

Total distance: 6.86 mi
Max elevation: 467 ft
Min elevation: -10 ft
Total climbing: 2516 ft
Total descent: -2526 ft
Total time: 03:27:16