Ridge Trail – White & Blue Blazes

There was supposed to be a thunderstorm coming through the region, but I had a new pair of hiking boots I wanted to try and out start breaking in. I opted to run up to Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge for a quick hike after work before the storms arrived.

The boots worked great, and quickly confirmed my choice (always a nice feeling). I saw a few interesting things on this particular trip:

  • Sasquatch sighting signs (both at the trail head and on the trail!)
  • Some sort of infestation on the leaves of one small tree, I’ll need to do some investigation
  • Ferns galore
  • More ticks than I’ve ever seen while hiking in PA – I estimate I used my tick key to remove around 5, and was able to brush off another 10

Overall a great, albeit short, excusion.

Total distance: 2.35 mi
Max elevation: 968 ft
Min elevation: 686 ft
Total climbing: 436 ft
Total descent: -432 ft
Total time: 01:00:01