Pulpit Rock & The Pinnacle Loop

Shakh, Khaled, and I did our early-morning thing again and beat the rush, enjoying a rather quiet hike. Shakh picked this one for us, and it was easily a big win. It was a great length, tired you out, but didn’t kill you and had numerous fantastic views.

While taking a break at The Pinnacle summit, we met 2 AT through-hikers who were drying out their gear from an unexpected storm the night before. They had started in Georgia in April and were starting to feel the effects of being on the trail for so long. It’s an amazing accomplishment making it this far, so we did our best to encourage them before parting ways. Good luck guys!

Total distance: 10.13 mi
Max elevation: 1615 ft
Min elevation: 749 ft
Total climbing: 1722 ft
Total descent: -1708 ft
Total time: 04:56:36