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Using Day One

I’m going to presume you already know what Day One is. If not I’m not going to go beyond saying it’s a journaling app, so go check it out and come back. Then I can get to the good stuff! I’ve used Day One on and […]

Work and Rest

Here’s a quick Alfred workflow I made up to handle starting and ending the workday. There are two commands. Both are just super simple AppleScripts: Work Enabled work-related IM accounts Enabled work-related Mail accounts Activate OmniFocus Activate Calendar Activate Skype Fire notification

Rest Disable work-related […]

A Far More Direct Siri Blog Publishing Method

Previously I set up a Rube Goldberg method of publishing my Jekyll-based blog via Siri. Here’s a more streamlined update. Every step in the process is a potential breaking point. Fortunately, the two biggest that were breaking on me are also fairly simple to replace. IFTTT […]

Archiving Web Articles to PDF

a.k.a. How I skim, read, and archive information on the web. The more information I come across the faster and more efficiently I need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Additionally, I need to make each moment worth more; each moment […]

Create Reminder Tasks from Email

For a while I’ve wanted to be able to add emails to whatever task manager I’m using, from any device I’m using. Currently I’m keeping things simple by using the default Reminders app for OSX and iOS, but this solution could work for any task […]

Siri-controlled Blog Publishing

Hot on the heels of setting up my markdown-dropbox-blog workflow, I realized I needed a more reliable way to regenerate and rsync the rendered files. The workflow I had set up worked fine for new articles, but not for edits to already-published articles, it assumed I […]

Branching Out

Don’t be fooled. I still love Drupal. However, a perfect storm hit me: some recent discussions with folks about how the Drupal community can be rather insulated and myopic my need for a new blog a my desire to use Markdown and some iOS tools […]