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SublimeText and OSX Yosemite

Here’s a quick post with two links for increasing your Sublime Text enjoyment on OS X Yosemite. Making Sublime Text look a bit more at home in Yosemite is easy with: A new theme: El Capitan And a new icon: Sublime Text Yosemite Icon Enjoy!

Sublime Text for Drupal Development

I’ve created a series of screencasts on how I set up Sublime Text to do development work. While I do mostly Drupal development, these videos are not necessarily Drupal specific and can be used for most any web development. Package Manager MarkdownEditing BracketHighlighter GitGutter DocBlockr […]

Sublime Text: SublimeCodeIntel

Sublime Text: XDebug Client

Sublime Text: GitGutter

Sublime Text: BracketHighlighter

Sublime Text: SublimeLinter

SublimeLinter PHP Code Sniffer Drupal Coding Standards PHP Mess Detector

Sublime Text: DocBlockr

Sublime Text: MarkdownEditing

Sublime Text: Package Manager