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Elementary OS Loki and Kernel Updates on HP x360 Spectre

Elementary OS Loki and Kernel Updates on HP x360 Spectre

UPDATE May 19, 2017: Elementary just updated their ISO with the latest hardware enablement stack. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet, but definitely give that a shot first before using the instructions below if you are installing from scratch! Yes, it is […]

Running Eclipse Che Easily on Fedora 25

Running Fedora 25 and want to give Eclipse Che a test spin? It’s far easier than you may think. Install Docker Install Che Run Che The steps are simple but quite important they are followed closely. Best to always follow the official process, right? In […]

Fixing Elementary OS Slow Boots

For the past 6 months or so I’ve been running Elementary OS Loki on a 2015 Macbook Pro. Recently I noticed my laptop intermittently booting more and more slowly. With some downtime today I did some searching and found a few solutions that helped me […]

Hiding Application Icons in Wingpanel on Elementary

Elementary OS Loki looks beautiful, though I do find myself annoyed with the extra application icons that show up in wingpanel in the upper-right of the screen: In order to get rid of them you need to edit ayatana.blacklist to include the Id of the […]

A Tale of Two Communities

A few quick important notes before I begin. I am a huge fan, supporter, and fervent believer in open source. It is not “the only way” but I do firmly believe it is a necessary and good way. I am intentionally not mentioning any specific […]