No Comments!

Yes, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve disabled comments on my site. Oh, how I wish I could say it was because I was so popular and was being harassed by trolls, but the simple fact is … comments suck. Really, I just felt inspired by the recent uptick in browser plugins and CSS files that hide and otherwise disable comments on sites. ­čÖé

This site is my vehicle for communication thoughts, ideas, etc. I fully welcome open discourse but realized there are better mechanisms for that; namely Twitter and other similar services. If you want to converse, please start a conversation. 

Why Nate of Nine?

It has been fun and enlightening to me to find out how obvious or obscure my site name is to people. Some got it right away, some have no idea what I’m talking about.

So why Nate of Nine?

Well, it’s a blog about automation, efficiency, workflows, and balancing my humanity. Sounds kind of Borg-like, eh?

This is Seven of Nine

I am Nate of Nine.

Branching Out

Don’t be fooled. I still love Drupal.

However, a perfect storm hit me:

  • some recent discussions with folks about how the Drupal community can be rather insulated and myopic
  • my need for a new blog
  • a my desire to use Markdown and some iOS tools
  • was curious about static site generators
  • vacation time!

So I decided to branch out a bit and just play. What I’ve come up with so far is a combination of Byword, Dropbox, Hazel, Octopress, and rsync with SSH keys. It may be easiest to see the overview first …

*Update 2013-12-25: Of course this is already outdated, as I’ve switched to using Jekyll┬ádirectly instead of the Octopress wrapper around it. It’s largely the same, though. I’m going to play a bit, come up with some more automations, and then post a followup at some point the future after the dust from my playing settles down.*

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