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Running Eclipse Che Easily on Fedora 25

Running Fedora 25 and want to give Eclipse Che a test spin? It’s far easier than you may think. Install Docker Install Che Run Che The steps are simple but quite important they are followed closely. Best to always follow the official process, right? In […]

Lunchbox Status Update

Recently I’ve been working a new project called ‘Lunchbox’. Basically, it is a GUI wrapper around vagrant projects so that you can use the power of vagrant and virtual machines without the learning curve. To start with, I’m targeting support for DrupalVM. Here’s a quick […]

DrupalVM + NFS on Ubuntu

DrupalVM + NFS on Ubuntu

DrupalVM is a great project with some very complete documentation. However, for some reason I kept having difficulty getting it to work on Ubuntu despite seemingly straightforward instructions including a reference to DigitalOcean documentation (usually very good) about getting NFS running on Debian/Ubuntu. After a […]

SublimeText and OSX Yosemite

Here’s a quick post with two links for increasing your Sublime Text enjoyment on OS X Yosemite. Making Sublime Text look a bit more at home in Yosemite is easy with: A new theme: El Capitan And a new icon: Sublime Text Yosemite Icon Enjoy!

Sublime Text for Drupal Development

I’ve created a series of screencasts on how I set up Sublime Text to do development work. While I do mostly Drupal development, these videos are not necessarily Drupal specific and can be used for most any web development. Package Manager MarkdownEditing BracketHighlighter GitGutter DocBlockr […]

Sublime Text: SublimeCodeIntel

Sublime Text: XDebug Client

Sublime Text: GitGutter

Sublime Text: BracketHighlighter

Sublime Text: SublimeLinter

SublimeLinter PHP Code Sniffer Drupal Coding Standards PHP Mess Detector