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Work and Rest

Here’s a quick Alfred workflow I made up to handle starting and ending the workday. There are two commands. Both are just super simple AppleScripts: Work Enabled work-related IM accounts Enabled work-related Mail accounts Activate OmniFocus Activate Calendar Activate Skype Fire notification

Rest Disable work-related […]

Push All the Remotes!

I know I can do all this via the command line, but I use a Mac because I have the power of a command line with an elegant UI. So, in light of that, I use and enjoy Tower. Here is a new automation workflow […]

A Far More Direct Siri Blog Publishing Method

Previously I set up a Rube Goldberg method of publishing my Jekyll-based blog via Siri. Here’s a more streamlined update. Every step in the process is a potential breaking point. Fortunately, the two biggest that were breaking on me are also fairly simple to replace. IFTTT […]

Create Reminder Tasks from Email

For a while I’ve wanted to be able to add emails to whatever task manager I’m using, from any device I’m using. Currently I’m keeping things simple by using the default Reminders app for OSX and iOS, but this solution could work for any task […]