Work and Rest

Here’s a quick Alfred workflow I made up to handle starting and ending the workday.


There are two commands. Both are just super simple AppleScripts:


  1. Enabled work-related IM accounts
  2. Enabled work-related Mail accounts
  3. Activate OmniFocus
  4. Activate Calendar
  5. Activate Skype
  6. Fire notification


  1. Disable work-related IM accounts
  2. Disable work-related Mail accounts
  3. Quit OmniFocus
  4. Quit Calendar
  5. Quit Skype
  6. Fire notification


Push All the Remotes!

I know I can do all this via the command line, but I use a Mac because I have the power of a command line with an elegant UI. So, in light of that, I use and enjoy Tower. Here is a new automation workflow for Alfred that helps make Tower more powerful.

I recently asked Tower if it would be possible to push to all remotes a the same time, or if there was additional entries being added to the AppleScript dictionary I could use for this. Unfortunately it’s not possible but thankfully AppleScript still allows you to control UI elements as well!


This isn’t as elegant as a natively built-in feature but will definitely do the trick until such day as this feature can be included. Thank you AppleScript and Alfred!

Download the Alfred workflow

The video only demonstrates pushing to remotes, but I included a workflow to pull from all remotes as well.