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Siri-controlled Blog Publishing

Hot on the heels of setting up my markdown-dropbox-blog workflow, I realized I needed a more reliable way to regenerate and rsync the rendered files. The workflow I had set up worked fine for new articles, but not for edits to already-published articles, it assumed I […]

30 Day Challenges

Each year I find myself torn when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. I simultaneously notice the arbitrary significance where one day is culturally more important than the surrounding identical days, while also understanding the benefit of cyclical patterns and motivation for renewal. Ultimately I […]

Achievement Unlocked: Standing Desk

A few years ago I decided to run a test to see what all the buzz about standing desks was. I had read the reports about what sitting did to your body and was immediately convicted by what has already been years of not just […]

Branching Out

Don’t be fooled. I still love Drupal. However, a perfect storm hit me: some recent discussions with folks about how the Drupal community can be rather insulated and myopic my need for a new blog a my desire to use Markdown and some iOS tools […]

Nodejs Vagrantfile

I just created a down-n-dirty Vagrantfile for spinning up a quick sandbox to play with Nodejs. It supports both the (free) Virtualbox and (paid) VMware Fusion providers. Enjoy! Github: vagrant-nodejs