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Pulpit Rock & The Pinnacle Loop

Shakh, Khaled, and I did our early-morning thing again and beat the rush, enjoying a rather quiet hike. Shakh picked this one for us, and it was easily a big win. It was a great length, tired you out, but didn’t kill you and had numerous fantastic views. While taking


CCC Museum

The Civilian Conservation Corp was an initiative of President Franklin Roosevelt’s interned to generate jobs for people during the depression. Many of the parks in the United States were built or improved by the CCC. Workers would get paid a dollar a day, and sent most of their monthly paychecks


Penny Run Trail

I took a quick hike at Chapman State Park today while I was in that side of Pennsylvania, so I could check it if on my PA State Park Passport. The trail was described as being wet, which definitely was the case. I didn’t have my hiking boots with me


Raub’s Farm

The sunset was amazing tonight. On the way home we pulled off to the dead end in our neighborhood to take a look. Raubs were out plowing their fields at the time making for a rather pastoral photo.