Total distance: 4.71 mi
Max elevation: 1427 ft
Min elevation: 436 ft
Total climbing: 1273 ft
Total descent: -1378 ft
Average speed: 2.30 mi/h
Average heart rate: 136
Total time: 02:38:01

The Glen Onoko Falls trail was about to be shuttered, so knowing I had one last chance I decided to drive out and experience it while I still could. It was a rough hike as I was not feeling well (I found out a few days later I had shingles) but I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

I’m so glad I did go, it was amazing. The trail is challenging, but with the appropriate respect and footwear it is not something to be afraid of. While I was on the trail I noticed a number of hikers with extremely inappropriate footwear. I can see why people get hurt so often, but also why responsible hikers are so upset the trail has to be closed.