Author: ennenine


July 4th, 2021

Corn on the cob basted with olive oil, cayenne powder, chili powder, and garlic powder Brussel sprouts with maple syrup and raisins Jalapeños stuffed with cheddar & cream cheese, and topped with bacon


Market Square Bakehouse

Quick stop on the way home for some coffee to keep me alert on the road. I particularly liked the pipe-chain-mason-jar lights in the bathroom against the rough-hewn wood in the bathroom so I took a photo to remember for later.

Acadia Peaks

Cadillac (1,530 feet) Sargent (1,373 feet) Dorr (1,270 feet) Pemetic (1,248 feet) Penobscot (1,194 feet) Bernard (1,071 feet) Champlain (1,058 feet) Gilmore (1,036 feet) Bald (974 feet) Mansell (949 feet) Cedar Swamp (942 feet) Parkman (941 feet) North Bubble (872 feet) Norumbega (852 feet) Beech (839 feet) South Bubble (766 feet) Huguenot Head (731 feet) McFarland (724 feet) The Triad (698 feet) Acadia (681 feet) Youngs (680 feet) St. Sauveur (679 feet)