Screws & Bone Graft

Today was supposed to be the start of the end: get an implant, let it heal for a few months, and then smile with all my teeth.

However, when extracting the necessary tooth today part of the bone in front came out with the tooth. Then, when trying to drill to leverage the rest of the bone, the back side broke also. This resulted in me needing a bone graft, and 2 screws put in to give the graft something to be supported by.

Fun times.

I believe I passed out part way through the procedure. I was growing increasingly tense; emotionally and physically. I recall the blood pressure cuff measuring, and starting to beep from a rather high measurement, and there still being 3 people in the room. Next thing I knew, I was feeling completely detached from what was happening and somewhat dizzy. Then I noticed one of the assistants had left the room and they were cleaning up. They commented on my blood pressure being lower again but I don’t recall another measurement being taken, and what happened for the tail end of the procedure.

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