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Tasty Grilling

Here are some more grill ideas for you!

We knew we wanted corn, brussels sprouts, and sausage on the charcoal grill tonight so I started thinking how I could do them up and this is what I came up with.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, cut in half, and then drizzled with olive oil, baslamic vinegar and a little salt.

While they sat, I warmed up the cast iron pan on the kitchen stove and started cooking bacon. The bacon will go with the cooked brussels sprouts later (as well as some cranberries). Be sure to leave the bacon fat in the cast iron, this will be very important in a minute.

Corn on the Cob


Corn on the cob always reminds me of springtime. Unfortunately for my three kids (and my wallet) all of them are in braces right now and can’t eat corn on the cob. I opted for cutting the corn off ahead of time before it was cooked so it would be easier to handle.

I then cooked the corn kernels in the cast iron pan … in the bacon fat.

Corn in Bacon Fat

Meanwhile, at the Grill

Grilling the Rest

The brussels sprouts took a bit longer than I anticipated so I’d recommend starting those first next time so they have soften a bit more without over-cooking the rest of the meal (tonight I started everything on the grill at the same time). I had purposefully put the charcoal only on 1/2 of the grill so I just partially mitigated this by moving the food in and out of the heat to manage cooking times.

Corn and Sausage

Putting it Together

That’s about it! There is one more tiny secret, though. Brussels sprouts can be bitter even with the roasted grill flavor. To balance that out, when I tossed them together with the bacon pieces and cranberries I also stirred in just a little bit of real maple syrup to sweeten things up.


Finished Dinner

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