nate of nine

Marvin the Monitor

Last night I wanted to test out tweaking my layer height on my 3D printer. I picked the Marvin Keychain from Thingiverse since it was small and had some details I thought would be a good test. He can hang out on top of my printer and monitor the following jobs as they are run.

As you can see in the image below, I’ve set the layer height to 0.15mm and also increased the speed to 125mm/s.

Marvin layer height test
Marvin layer height test


Overall I was happy with the test. I have some sanding and cleanup to do on the print, and I can also use the print as a test on finishing and painting.┬áIf you consider how zoomed in that photo is (it’s a very small model) it didn’t turn out too bad. I do wonder if printing at a slower speed would melt the layers together a bit more, though.