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Month: September 2015

No Comments!

Yes, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve disabled comments on my site. Oh, how I wish I could say it was because I was so popular and was being harassed by trolls, but the simple fact is … comments suck. Really, I just felt inspired […]

Coffee Cap

Coffee Cap

More 3D printing tonight! This time, a screw top for our ground coffee. This clever top pieces together on top of an existing bag of beans (ground or whole) to make sealing and pouring much easier. I tried printing this one with a 0.15mm layer […]

Apple Lightning Cable Protector

Apple Lightning Cable Protector

While I’m much happier with the durability (and ease of pluggable use) of Apple’s Lightning cable, I’ve noticed that all my cords have started to disintegrate. Electrical tape seems to extend the life, but doesn’t feel very solid and looks gross especially after gunk starts […]

World Maker Faire NYC

This past weekend was the annual World Maker Faire in NYC. Having never been, my hopes and expectations where very high – and were subsequently smashed by how great it was!  The faire itself felt natively appealing to adults and kids alike, not catering to […]

Supporting Net Neutrality with CloudFlare

This post (and therefore, site) is now being hosted by a server sitting in my basement! To many of my international colleagues, this didn’t sound like anything special until I explained to them that most United States IPSs block outgoing traffic on port 80. They […]