nate of nine

The Beginning of a QS Data Spec

One of the frustrations I’ve had in dabbling with the Quantified Self movement is that there are a plethora of incredible ideas being shared, but no way to combine and replicate them easily. We need a data specification!

Yesterday I began thinking through what this may look like. I wanted it to be simple, flexible, as platform-agnostic as possible, and as extensible as possible. My thoughts quickly started to coagulate around JSON as the format, and a few high-level concepts to build upon.

I created a public Github repo to share my efforts. I welcome (and am sincerely hoping to attract) public comment and participation in drafting this specification. Specifically I’ve already filed an issue requesting comments from anyone who is interested in becoming involved.

While I’m writing up this specification I am testing it out as well; I don’t want it drafted in isolation. I’ve got a simple workflow running on my iPhone which I’ll post about shortly, with full code of course! I’ll also be creating and sharing some scripts to test pulling data from various services and storing it in this format.

How to Get Involved

  1. Head over to Github and read the rather short intro to the QuantifiedSelf Data Spec
  2. Post comments, questions, and suggestions to the issue queue
  3. If you’re really motivated fork the repo, make some updates, and send me a pull request!