nate of nine

Month: October 2014

Creating Weekday-only iOS Reminders

Here’s a quick tip; have you ever wanted to create a daily, but weekday-only, repeating task in iOS Reminders? The UI is rather limited but the functionality does exist. Siri to the rescue! Simply tell Siri something like: Remember to pack a lunch on weekdays […]

Bacon-Apple-Cheddar Burgers

Because recipes are yet another form of data and good food makes the fleshy part of our being very happy, here’s a rough recipe I made up that I loosely follow when we need something easy-yet-special on the grill. Ingredients 1 medium apple, chopped to […]

Implementing the QS Data Spec on iOS

As part of implementing the Quantified Self Data SpecĀ (look here for an introduction), I’ve started implementing it on iOS so that I’m living with it every day. The implementation I’m about to outline leverages the following technologies: The QS Data Spec, of course Dropbox Launch […]

The Beginning of a QS Data Spec

One of the frustrations I’ve had in dabbling with the Quantified Self movement is that there are a plethora of incredible ideas being shared, but no way to combine and replicate them easily. We need a data specification! Yesterday I began thinking through what this […]