nate of nine

30 Days in March

February is always a rough month for me, it seems. It’s part psychological and probably part SAD. This year it was also part extreme busy-ness.

But today marks a new month! So I’m hopping back on 30 days horse.

This month I’m sticking with the quantified self theme again, but focused on activity. I’ve had a Fitbit for a few years, now a Basis watch, and even use Moves on my phone (yes, I love data). They’ve proven very informative but I haven’t successfully used them to motivate myself towards a goal on a regular basis.

Seven thousand steps per day.

Thats the goal. Fitbit defaults you to a goal of 10k, but between it being winter and the fact I’m in the middle of a time-demanding project I’m trying to make a more realistic goal I can hit. I won’t say how low-step-count some of my days have been lately but suffice it to say this 30 day challenge is a definite need.