nate of nine

30 Day Challenges

Each year I find myself torn when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. I simultaneously notice the arbitrary significance where one day is culturally more important than the surrounding identical days, while also understanding the benefit of cyclical patterns and motivation for renewal. Ultimately I settle into a position of trying to utilize cultural momentum without over emphasizing the occasion.

This year, coming off the recent heels of growing a creepy ‘stache to raise money for men’s health, I’m attracted to the concept of 30 day challenges. Matt Cutts, a prominent Google employee I admire and respect, tweeted a few times recently about considering 30 day challenges instead of traditional resolutions. Here’s a TED talk of him speaking to the idea and his experience with it:

Overall I love the concept, as well as the idea of refreshing my focus and motivation twelve times over the course of this year. Two years ago I found 2012 to be a very rough and difficult year. In comparison 2013 was incredible and I can feel the momentum flowing into 2014 and well. Knowing I won’t be setting myself up for failed massive resolutions mixes with that making me even more excited! My plan is to announce my focus for the month and report back a synopsis at the end of the month.

I’m going to ease in to the year, though. First up is a new take on a cliché goal. I’ll be logging my food intake with LoseIt! each day. I already use it, but often I’ll miss part or all of a day. Since I already have some momentum I’d like to see myself up the ante by being more regular, making myself healthier while also feeding my borg-like desire for data. I presume now the blog name makes a bit more sense?