nate of nine

Achievement Unlocked: Standing Desk

A few years ago I decided to run a test to see what all the buzz about standing desks was. I had read the reports about what sitting did to your body and was immediately convicted by what has already been years of not just working a desk job, but enjoying that same job as a main personal hobby as well. While I feel incredibly fortunate to love what I do for a living, I’d be a fool to not realize that it also comes at a price.

But alas, I am a fool after all. The 2-week trial went well. It took some determination but I ultimately felt more energetic. I didn’t want to stand all the time, though, and without one of those multi-thousand dollar auto raise/lower standing desks I resorted back to sitting like everyone else. Of course, I think my officemate appreciated that since my constant standing made him uncomfortable, perhaps out of pity for whatever hair-brained scheme I was currently experimenting with 🙂

Fast forward to now. I’m a few years older, sitting the whole time, I’ve started to realize you need to take a few extra luxuries if you intend to work on a computer so much. I upgraded my keyboard (already have used ergonomic ones for years) to a Kinesis Freestyle 2. Recently I switched from an Apple Magic Mouse to an Evoluent VerticalMouse 4. Both have been amazing and I now painfully notice how uncomfortable traditional input devices are when I have to use them.

Then the bug for a standing desk hit me again, perhaps prompted by reading an article reminding me how little things add up, like how standing just 3 hours a day is like running 10 marathons a year. I realized that I now work from home, have complete control over my own office, spend considerable time on the phone so I can take breaks from standing at a standing desk, and even have a couch in my office to take those phone calls from. While I splurged on ergo equipment previously, I didn’t do so blindly, and realized how simple I could make this. Today I headed to Home Depot to get a 4×4 post, had them cut it in to 4 pieces for me, and bought a can of black spray paint. High tech. Oh, and I broke out my zip ties. Man, I hate cords.

A few dollars and a few hours later my desk is complete, reorganized, and looking good. If I wasn’t enjoying my time off so much I might be tempted to go back to work just so I can try it out a bit more. I do have a screencast I’m trying to wrap up before year’s end, though. Perhaps I can sneak in a quick test run tomorrow for a bit …

Looks like I’ll be “running” approximately 10 marathons in 2014!