Creating Weekday-only iOS Reminders

Here’s a quick tip; have you ever wanted to create a daily, but weekday-only, repeating task in iOS Reminders? The UI is rather limited but the functionality does exist. Siri to the rescue! Simply tell Siri something like: Remember to pack a lunch on weekdays Siri will offer to create the remknder for you and…

Using Day One


I’m going to presume you already know what Day One is. If not I’m not going to go beyond saying it’s a journaling app, so go check it out and come back. Then I can get to the good stuff! I’ve used Day One on and off since it was originally released. I’ve always loved…

Sublime Text for Drupal Development

I’ve created a series of screencasts on how I set up Sublime Text to do development work. While I do mostly Drupal development, these videos are not necessarily Drupal specific and can be used for most any web development. Package Manager MarkdownEditing BracketHighlighter GitGutter DocBlockr SublimeLinter SublimeCodeIntel XDebug Client